Pneumatic Double Heat Press Machine

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Product Details

Double Heated Large Size Pneumatic Print tshirt Heat Press Machine

Specification for Heat Press Machine
Voltage:  110V/220V/380V
Power: 9000W/1.2KW/1.4KW
Time range: 0s-999s
Max temp: 0-300℃
Printing Size: 60cm x 80cm(24"x31")/80cm x 100cm(31"x39")/100cm x 120cm(39"x47")/100cm x 150cm(39"59")/110cm x 170cm(44"x67")/100cm x 200cm(39"x79") 
Gross weight: 500KG/1102LBS---540KG/1190LBS---700KG/1543LBS---930KG/2050LBS---1100KG/2425LBS---1100KG/2425LBS
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Double slide out working tables only need one person operate+More convenient for printing+Higher pressure+Suitable for large sizes printing materials 

Features of this machine

1. Famous manufacturer direct supply

2. 100% positive feedback

3. Quiet and easy operation, no need air compressor

• New upgraded model - Hydraulic double plates heat transfer machine is mostly suitable for transfer printing of cut pieces of fabrics. 

• Double plates -Two commutable plates not only reduce the occupying area of the machine, but also improve the working efficiency.

• High quality blanket -To buffer and keep heat during working.

• Hydraulic elevating system- Maintain a stable pressure and reduce noise pollution; ensure the patterns of printed fabric are precise, vivid and even.

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