420ml Glass Bottle with White Patch (GB-420)

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Product Details

420ml Glass Bottle with White Patch (GB-420)


Basic Information

1. Material: Eco High Borosilicate Glass
2. Product Size: 6.5*19.5cm
3. Print Size: 
Round(6.6*6.6cm), Square(6.1*8.1cm)
4. Suitable Mug Heater: 115*190mm
5. Print: 
First Mug: 300 Seconds, 180 Celsius
From Second Mug: 200 Seconds, 180 Celsius


Printing Part in oval shape


Printing Part in rectangle shape


Packing Details

Packing Size: 61*39*21cm/carton

Qty.: 40pcs/carton

G.W.: 13.5kg/carton



Individual white box for each bottle

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