Double Cover Auto Open Heat Press Machine

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Product Details

1.Double cover have better heat-insulation.

2.The controller with early warning function more safe for printing.

3.Auto open fuction when reaching time you set more convenient.

Voltage: 220V/110V
Power: 1400W
Printing area: 38X38CM (15"X15")/40X50cm (16"X20")
Package Size :70X48X54CM/74X56X50CM
G.W:32KG/37KG --71LBS/ 82LBS


How to print your digital photo onto T-shirt/Cloth/Garments:
1.Take a digital photo
2.Print it out on sublimation/transfer paper with your ink-jet printer
3.Set temperature to 170-180 Celisus
4.Set the desired time (varies from 20 sec. to 45 sec. Longer time leads to darker impression)
5.Put the paper in the position which you want print on T-shirt/Cloth/Garment
6.Your customized T-shirt/Cloth/Garment is done! Very Simple

For T-shirt, Pillowcase, Puzzle, Mouse Pad, Metal Board, Fridge Magnet, Coaster, Slipper, Bag, Cushion, etc



1.One year warranty on whole machine/parts

2.Five years warranty on flat heating plates

3.Five years warranty on casting and welding parts

4.One year warranty on mug,plate and cap heating elements

5.Free lifetime tecnology support on all orders



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