6"/8" Bevel Edge Crystal Photo Frame

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Item #:gl-02

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You could transfer any picture you want on the glass , very popular in gift market e.g couple gift,wedding gift,memorial gift,promotional gift etc, its also can be used in photo studio show and home decoration,hotel and so on.

Sublimate your family, friends photographs printed on glass, so that they can be always accompany with you. 



Packing: 9pcs/Carton

Packing size:23*18*1cm

How to print:

1:Get image from digital camera,memory card or scanner.

2:Print image with heat-transfered paper and sublimation ink 

3:Use heat press to transfer the photo with image paper.

4: Tear off the image paper on the glass and cool some time.

5.A special gift will appeared in front of you!

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