Plate Heat Press Machine PT110

Digital controller+Different sizes of heating element available+Easier adjust pressure

Press Size:12cm/15cm
Type of Press:Plate Printing
Item #:PT110

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Product Details


Plate heat press machine can be transferred the individuation personal picture and scenery picture onto the plates, it's very applicable for advertisement, gift and other  activity etc. at the same time it is also can be considered as an individuation article to appreciated and use.It is not only using on plate aslo for other samll size flat materials like key ring,phone case,name cards and so on.


Voltage: 220V/110V
Power: 450W
Heating element size:12cm/15cm
Package Size : 64X48X38CM                                                                                                                                                                                              G.W:15KG --33LBS


How to print your digital photo onto plate:


  1. Take a digital photo

  2. Print it out on sublimation paper with sublimation ink in your printer

  3. Cut the paper image out

  4. Wrap the image facing in the sublimation coated plate

  5. Place the plate on working table

  6. Set temperature to 200 C

  7. Set the desired time (varies from 45 sec. to 2 minutes. Longer time leads to darker impression)

  8. Take the plate out when timer buzz

  9. Your customized plate is done! Very Simple


1.One year warranty on whole machine/parts

2.Five years warranty on flat heating plates

3.Five years warranty on casting and welding parts

4.One year warranty on mug,plate and cap heating elements

5.Free lifetime tecnology support on all orders


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