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PK among Auplex Four Subsidiaries

2017-12-27 15:12:52   Click:

PK among Auplex Four Subsidiaries


2017 Year-end PK Conference was officially launched

This is a peak duel, but also is the practice of A Price army culture and PK culture!
At this moment the battle has started, at this moment they are real Apache soldiers!
Dream gather team, team cast dream, we belong to the Acreus Pioneer Park, at this moment we are both comrades in arms, but also opponents.
Here is not a battlefield of two people, but a group of iron army with a sense of honor and mission of the battle! In order to defend our dignity, they will "bloody battle in the end!"
The peak fight between kings has begun ...







二、Dance part


Precipitations in the dance culture of Aplex, warm dance improvisation, the team brought a team from the war wolves, the world's first opening dance "Ali Ali", so that the scene of the small partners who are dazzled, blindfolded. A opening dance, not only active atmosphere of the scene, but also the charm of the company's dance culture show.


The encouragement from Chairman-Mr.Huang








<Flag ceremony>





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