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How to make a Christmas mug gift

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Lets go and design a Christmas Mug!!

Supplies Needed:

  • Sublimation printer

  • Sublimation ink

  • Transfer paper

  • Blank sublimation mugs

  • Heat resistant tape

  • Mug heat press

  • Glad to provide you with all the sublimation materials if you need.



Step 1) Create a design and print it on your sublimation printer (don’t forget to mirror!).

Step 2) Line up your design and tape into place with heat resistant tape.

Step 3) Set up your mug press machine and load mug into your mug press. The actual operation of mug presses vary – follow the instructions that came with yours.

Step 4) Press mug with firm pressure according to transfer paper and mug recommendations. I used 380/385 F degrees for 185 seconds. When pressing, you’ll want to make sure that the handle of the mug isn’t touching the metal edges – that’s too much pressure.


Step 5) Using pot holders or gloves, remove the mug and transfer paper immediately. (These gloves worked much better than a pot holder – get 2.)

Step 6) Place the mug in warm water or place it in front of a fan to cool it off and prevent bleeding. Final product:


That’s it! It’s pretty simple to use the mug press, but time consuming because each mug has to press for so long.


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