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Auplex Manage Groups Trained In Hangzhou

2014-07-08 19:07:42   Click:

In order to realize the great vision of Auplex,for building a strong executive wolf team ,the founder Chang Fu Huang and managers went to Hangzhou city to attend a three days training in 26-30 June 2014.


Three-day course was pain and happiness. Through training, we honed team, breaked our own in the competition. The last day is the most tragic day, with the answers revealed, dreams and reality show,we all deeply touched! Physical and psychological Transmutation.


The Auplex with 16 other teams in china join this training.Auplex showed the spirit of the courage to play, whole-heartedly go all out, dare to compete. Actted as role involves planning, standings newspaper, life members, answer, narration, especially although the captain lost in the election, there are still members are elected for outstanding performance as the standard-bearer to led the team, and so on. Auplex have demonstrated courage and perseverance .


In the final race there Auplex athletics won championship honor !


We want to keep these spiritual heritage, and to work for go!

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